Warehouse Picking Solution

Simplifies the picking operation while increasing it's Accuracy & Productivity
using a mobile-app with easy and simple text based directions


Do you own a distribution center that specializes in fast picking, or a warehouse full of pallets and cases that is challenging to manage? Verbat's iActo helps you overcome these challenges by providing an app with a friendly user interface, increasing the speed and accuracy of picking

Warehouse Management


Warehouse Picking Management Accuracy
Increase Accuracy
The app provides text based instructions that point to item locations with images of the items; thus significantly increasing accuracy and productivity.
Warehouse Picking Management Process
Streamline the Process
The entire picking process is automated and orchestrated using mobile agents. Each assignment can be individually tracked from source to destination.
Warehouse Picking Management Navigation
Navigate faster
Text-directed input helps the picker identify items quickly. With an Easy learning curve for seasonal workers, quicker and faster navigation for experiences workers, the app manages the complete picking process end to end.
Warehouse Picking Management Mobility
Provide comfort & mobility
Increase mobility for workers to quickly and comfortably pick and lift items with ease literally with the device on hand. Easier for managers to assign orders to workers and oversee the picking operation.
Warehouse Order Picker
Fast, Accurate And Cost-effective Case Picking Solution

With Verbat's iActo, overcome the challenges in picking operations in a shorter time without errors

  • Increase Productivity
  • Faster Order Fulfillment
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Real-time Operational Visibility
  • Streamlined Management
  • Better Decision-making



Warehouse Order Picking

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